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Baiquan Mount

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  Located at Huaibei Town, Huairou District of

  Beijing, it is 70 kilometers away from the downtown.

  One can arrive there by driving along the Jingcheng

  Expressway or No. 101 National Road to Huairou and

  changing to No. 111 National Road. As a park-style

  natural scenic spot, it gets its name because of

  hundred of springs in the mountain. In 1999, it was

  opened to the public.

  The Baiquan Mount covers an area of 20 square

  kilometers. There are many peaks and ridges,

  ditches, valleys and springs in the region, with the

  plantation coverage of 95%. Jiujiu Peak, the main

  summit in the north of the scenic spot, is 999

  meters above the sea level. The massif of Baiquan

  Mount is mostly composed of white granite and

  seriously weathered, so many strange peaks and

  stones have been formed. As it is located in the

  rainstorm center of Beijing, there are abundant

  rainfalls all year long. The water scenes of spring,

  pond, fall, stream, pool, lake and river can be

  found here. By the end of 2005, seven dams have been

  built, forming about 50,000 square meters. More than

  5000 colorful leaf trees and fruit trees have been

  planted. Covering about 10 square kilometers, the

  scenic spot can be divided into three functional

  districts, namely the recreational and vocational

  district, the aquatic amusement district and

  sightseeing district. There are top-rate service

  facilities which can provide board for 500 people

  and lodging for 150 people at the same time. There

  are multiple aquatic recreation projects such as

  power boat, rowing boat, pedalo, aquatic bicycle,

  etc. There have been 10 kilometers of round tourist

  footpath in the sightseeing district. The main

  sights include: Baiquan Lake, Flying Cloud Falls,

  Tianhe Falls, Qingmei Pond, Leyu Pond, Zhiyu Pond,

  Standing Eagle Peak, Rare Bird Peak, Bamboo Shoot

  Peak, Sky Holding Stone, Buddha Palm, Saint Tortoise

  Watching the Moon, and Monkey Valley. There are a

  lot of wild monkey peach trees growing in the Monkey

  Valley that stretches for three kilometers, which

  are very rare in Beijing. Golden fall leaf

  appreciation and picking activities are held in

  September and October every year, skating activities

  are held every winter.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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