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The China Great Wall Museum

Updated:2008-06-06 10:27 | Source:

  The China Great Wall Museum, the name of

  which was inscribed by former president Jiang Zemin,

  mainly concerns the Great Wall, and comprehensively

  reflects its history and current situation. With its

  9 exhibition halls covering more than 3000 square

  meters, The China Great Wall Museum is divided into

  eight sections: The Great Wall in different

  dynasties, The Great Wall in the Ming dynasty,

  Establishing military defense, The Wars on the Great

  Wall, Economic and Cultural Exchanges, The Artistic

  Reservoir of Various Nationalities, Love Our

  Country, Renovate Our Great Wall and Most Favored

  Scenic Spot and Rainbow of Friendship. Cultural

  relics unearthed along the Great Wall are exhibited

  along with ample historical documents, pictures and

  models. These give detailed descriptions of the

  Great Wall as a symbol of the Chinese nation and a

  bond uniting all of the nationalities in China.

  Among the important items on display are: the

  original copy of the "World Heritage Certificate"

  issued by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee,

  pictures of the more than 200 foreign leaders and

  government heads from 120 countries climbing the

  wall in the past 40 years. These precious items are

  unique among similar museums in the country.

  The Great Wall is a wonder of the world and a much

  cherished treasure of China. It deserves not only to

  be loved but also to be studied.

  The appearance of the Great Wall 3D cinema resembles

  the structure of the ancient Badaling military

  headquarters, the Duntai, whose upper part is round

  and lower part square. On the fringe of the upper

  section stand dense battlements, giving the

  impression of flying Chinese dragons and running

  snakes. The building is mainly constructed with

  reddish brown granite and looks formidable. The 3

  always-open gates are like twin sisters guarding the

  key to the northern gate. The arch structure is high

  and unsophisticated. Inside the building, there are

  2 floors, the projection room on the second floor

  and the viewing room which can accommodate 500

  people. There is also a resting room and 2 VIP

  resting rooms on the first floor. A 30 meter long

  embossment made of stainless steel in the crescent

  resting room is made in the Han dynasty artistic

  style. The theme is the marching of soldiers and

  chariots, depicting a legion setting off from the

  Great Wall for a long-distance campaign. Both the

  soldiers and the chariots are delicately carved and

  look lively.

  The Great Wall 3D cinema covers an area of 314

  square meters. Its circumference is 60 meters, its

  diameter is 20 meters and it is 7.5 meters high. It

  is very spacious. As soon as the movie begins, the

  lights on the canopy go off. The evenly-arrayed blue

  beams glitter intermittently like stars. You will

  feel like you are enjoying a mysterious and

  beautiful summer night in the midst of mountains

  covered by snow. The most advanced high-fidelity

  stereo system is employed to present you with the

  2700 years history of the Great Wall, featuring the

  more than 6000 kilometers long relic of the Great

  Wall, the scenery in different seasons, and the many

  stories related to the wall (Qin Shihuangdi’s

  mandate to construct the wall and Meng Jiangnu’s

  tragic tale) along with some battle scenes. The

  movie also shows the wall winding from Bo Hai in the

  east all the way to the Jiayu Pass in Gansu


  The pictures seem to create a new dimension

  connecting the Great Wall’s history and reality

  which will linger in your mind for a long time.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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