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Lao She Teahouse

Updated:2008-06-06 10:27 | Source:

  The teahouse, located on the southwest of

  Tiananmen Square, is named after Lao She, a renowned

  writer known as people’s artist’. It was created

  in 1988 bysome zhiqings (educated young people’

  sent to rural areas for reeducation’ during the

  Cultural Revolution) who had returned to Beijing led

  by Yin Shenxi, a pioneer reformer of commerce in

  Beijing. Today the teahouse has become a

  comprehensive cultural enterprise which blends

  Chinese opera, food, tea, and Beijing culture, and

  which features various forms of teahouses found in

  old Beijing, such as the plain teahouse, the

  teahouse-restaurant, the roadside tea stall, and the

  teahouse with story tellers.

  The three-story teahouse has a business area of

  2,600 square meters. The Qianmen Sihe Teahouse on

  the second floor follows the layout of Siheyuan

  (Quadrangle Dwelling) in Beijing, and combines the

  styles of north and south China. Whereas the main

  house follows the traditional style, the wing rooms

  are of varied designs, blending traditional art and

  modern technology. Lush grass and singing birds add

  to its natural gracefulness and liveliness.

  Every day, in the theatre on the third floor you may

  watch performances of traditional folk arts, such as

  Peking opera, folk shows, acrobatic, magic, and face

  switching. The shows are accompanied by such

  refreshments as famous kinds of tea, court and local

  snacks, and Beijing-style delicacies. In the east of

  the third floor is the Big-bowl Tea’ Restaurant,

  which offers old-Beijing cuisine, specially

  fashioned tea-accompanying dishes, and tea banquet’


  Since its open, Lao She Teahouse has received 47

  foreign leaders, wives of ambassadors from over 40

  countries, a number of celebrities, and over 3

  million tourists from home and abroad. It has become

  a special window to Chinese culture and a tie of

  friendship between China and other countries of the


  Address:No. 3 Qianmen West Street, Xuanwu District,



Editor : Zhu Jia

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