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Chinese Aviation Museum

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  It is located in the Xiaotangshan Town of

  Changping District, about 20 kilometers away from

  the downtown. One can arrive there by taking a bus.

  Focusing on plane heritages, integrating aviation

  review, aviation popular science, aviation sports

  and recreation, it is the largest theme museum in

  Asia. It was being built since October 1986, and

  opened to the public in November 1989. In October

  1990, it was formally named as Air Force Aviation

  Museum, and known as Chinese Aviation Museum by the


  The museum occupies an area of more than 700,000

  square meters, with the exhibition acreage more than

  200,000 square meters. The acreage of cave depot

  exhibition hall is 23,200 square meters; the acreage

  of roofed exhibition hall is 3500 square meters; the

  acreage of hypaethral exhibition hall is more than

  190,000 square meters. Now there is a collection of

  119 types and 299 planes, among which there are 47

  pieces of Grade A cultural heritages such as the

  Transporter-5 that undertook the mission of

  spreading the ashes of Premier Zhou Enlai, 47 pieces

  of Grade B cultural heritages, with great values of

  collection and study. It also owns 2468 pieces of

  large-scale models such as ground-air missile,

  radar, aviation bomb, aviation camera, aviation

  costume, aviation parachutes, aviation tyre, etc.,

  more than 10,000 pieces of other cultural heritages,

  more than 20,000 volumes of aviation books, and 1021

  pieces of gifts of friendly relationships.

  The exterior exhibition area of the aviation museum,

  according to the visiting route, is divided into:

  transporter, helicopter, special purpose plane,

  special plane for great men, bomber, fighter,

  aviation radar, missile and guns, etc. To meet the

  requirements of the situation and the development of

  aviation, various special-topic high-quality

  exhibitions have been held, such as Review of a

  hundred years of aviation, Review of the development

  of air force equipment, Exhibition of the

  establishment and development of air control in the

  nation, Commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the

  victory of anti-Japanese war, Exhibition of aviation

  tyres, Exhibition of aviation kit, Exhibition of

  gifts from aviation industries both abroad and at

  home, etc. A batch of high quality plane models,

  data and pictures have been introduced, and large-

  scale light boxes or colorful lamps are used to

  illuminate the dismantled plane and engine. The

  models in the whole exhibition hall have a clear

  layout, with explanatory words and pictures, so that

  audiences are greatly moved. It has received almost

  10 million audiences including leaders of the Party,

  the nation and the army since its establishment. Mr.

  Yang Shangkun, the former President of China, wrote

  the inscription of Ambition in the blue sky. The

  museum has also received more than 200 foreign

  delegations including the American Congress



Editor : Zhu Jia

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