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China Science and Technology Museum

Updated:2008-06-06 10:27 | Source:

  A national museum, China’s Science and

  Technology Museum serves is a large institution for

  science education. With exhibition-based education,

  training-based education and experiment-based

  education as its main functions, the museum is

  dedicated to implementing the national strategy of

  rejuvenating China through science and education,

  disseminating knowledge of science and technology

  among the general public and increasing the

  scientific and cultural literacy of all citizens.

  The construction of the museum was made possible by

  the concern and support of three generations Party

  and State leadership. With a planned total building

  area of more than 80,000 square meters, the entire

  museum occupies a land area of 5.8 hectares. Its

  first phase of construction of some 20,000 square

  meters, comprising 7,500 square meters of exhibition

  galleries, a 3,300 sq. m. A strovision Theater with

  500 seats, an office building and other auxiliary

  facilities, was opened to the public in 1988. In

  May 2000 the museum’s major expansion project¡ªa

  23,000 sq. m. exhibition hall¡ªwas officially

  opened. The content of the new exhibition hall

  includes: aeronautics & astronautics, energy &

  communications, material science & mechanics,

  information technology, life science, environmental

  science and other modern high or new technologies

  and cutting-edge sciences. It presents basic

  sciences and their applications, as well as ancient

  China’s preeminence in science and technology. Such

  content not only reflects the important fields of

  scientific and technological development in China,

  but also highlights new development trends in

  science and technology in the 21st Century.

  In June 2001, the museum established a Children’s

  Science Paradise, for children aged 3-10. The

  Paradise is designed to develop children’s creative

  thinking and stimulate their interest in science and

  technology. It is an ideal place for children to

  learn through play.

  To make it a world-class museum of science and

  technology and further enhance in functions and

  facilities, the State Development Planning

  Commission has agreed to undertake another expansion

  project--the third phase construction. Early

  completion of the construction of all phrases of the

  museum will facilitate the cause of science

  education and popularization in China. It will also

  enable the museum to better play its leading and

  exemplary role as a national museum of science and

  technology, so that it will truly become an

  important window on China’s scientific, cultural

  and social developments and play a key role in Being

  ’s drive to become an international metropolis.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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