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China National Museum of Fine Arts

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  The address of the gallery is No. 1, Wusi

  Street, Dongcheng District. Its construction started

  in 1958, and was completed in 1962. In June 1963,

  Chairman Mao inscribed its name, and its status and

  nature as a national gallery were defined. It is a

  state-level plastic arts museum that focuses on the

  collection, study, and display of modern Chinese

  works of art.

  The main building is modeled on the classical

  pavilion. Its gallery and its large roof covered

  with yellow glazed tiles speak of a distinctive

  Chinese national style. It has a floor space of

  22,379 square meters. It has 20 exhibition halls on

  5 floors, which cover an area of 7,000 square

  meters. The total length of its exhibition line is

  2,110 meters. The 9 halls on the 1st floor and the 3

  smaller ones between the 1st floor and the 2nd cover

  an area of 4,305 square meters along a 1,400-meter-

  long line. The 5 halls on the 2nd floor cover 1,500

  square meters along a 429-meter-long line. The 3

  halls on the 3rd floor cover 863 square meters along

  a 235-meter-long line.

  The gallery keeps nearly 70,000 works of fine arts.

  Most of them date to the years around the founding

  of the People’s Republic, while some masterpieces

  were created in the late Ming Dynasty, the Qing

  Dynasty, and the early Republican Period. Works by a

  single master Qi Baishi number as many as 410. There

  are works by such masters as Shi Tao, Xu Gu, Ren

  Bonian, Wu Changshuo, Huang Binhong, Xu Beihong, Liu

  Haisu, Fu Baoshi, Pan Tianshou, Li Keran, Jiang

  Zhaohe, and Wu Guanzhong; also kept here are the

  magnum opuses of other renowned Chinese fine artists

  and prize-winning works in important exhibitions.

  The gallery’s collection falls into dozens of

  categories, such as paintings, sculptures, pottery,

  (the following are works of folk fine arts) New Year

  pictures, paper-cuts, toys, shadow puppets, color

  modeling, paraphernalia, puppets, kites, folk

  paintings, and embroidery. The collection also

  includes 117 European and American works of art

  donated by German collectors Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig.

  Four of them are by Picasso. These are the first

  large collections of western works of art in China.

  Also kept here are hundreds of African wooden

  sculptures and other foreign works of art.

  Over the past 40 years, over 3,100 exhibitions of

  fine arts or works by renowned Chinese or foreign

  artists have been held in the gallery. It has become

  an important place for popular fine arts education.

  Address:No. 1, Wusi Street, Dongcheng District,



Editor : Zhu Jia

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