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China Honey Bee Museum

Updated:2008-06-06 10:27 | Source:

  China Honey Bee Museum is located west of the Wofo

  Temple inside the Beijing Botanical Garden, at the

  foot of picturesque Fragrant Hill. The museum is

  hidden in the mountains, and in the surrounding

  areas, there are rich resources of plants and

  flowers. The museum was built 1993, and in 1997, it

  got the official approval and now has become a

  popular science education base of Beijing and

  Haidian District, and the museum hosts permanent

  popular science exhibition on honey bees, the

  friends of the mankind.

  The exhibition hall, with an area of 150 square

  meters, is divided into three exhibition rooms,

  where more than 500 photographs and more than 700

  specimens, models and items are on display. The

  exhibition features the origin and fossils of honey

  bees, the history of apiculture, the relations

  between honey bees and human culture, China’s

  apicultural resources, honey bee biology,

  apicultural technology, honey bee pollination, honey

  bee products and bee therapy, achievements of China

  ’s modern apiculture and research results, and

  international exchanges. The exhibition is vivid and

  interesting, and knowledge-intensive. The museum

  also offers consultancy in honey bee product health

  care, and has honey bee products, apicultural books

  and souvenirs on sale.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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