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The World Park in Beijing

Updated:2008-06-06 10:19 | Source:

  Located in the Fengtai District of Beijing 16

  kilometres from the city proper, the World Park in

  Beijing features 106 of the most famous sites from

  14 countries and regions the world over.

  The park, measuring 46.7 hectares (116.75 acres) in

  size, consits of two parts: The scenic area in

  miniature displayed according to the position of its

  country on the map, and a shopping, dining and

  enteratinment area. The enteratinment area is

  situated in an international folkloric village

  characterized by buildings in the American and

  European styles. The tourist can take an electric

  train and a motorboat through the park to simulate a

  trip around the world.

  The park includes most of the recognized spots of

  interest on the globe. Among these are the Wooden

  Pagoda in China's Ying County, the world's oldest

  and best-preserved wooden pagoda, the Leaning Tower

  of Pisa, the Pharoas of Alexandria and Eiffet Tower

  in Paris. China's Qingyingjing Park, Japan's Katzura

  Imperial Villa, and an old-style garden of the US

  are grouped together to represent the splendor of

  the world's different gardening styles and in

  recognition of the many distinctive forms which

  landscape gardening has taken in China.

  Great efforts were made to build the structures out

  of the same materials as the real ones, and marble

  and granite surfaces, together with copper and

  gilded sculptures help produce a realistic effect.

  For instance, the Pyramid is made of 200,000 white

  marble bricks, each as large as a bar of soap. Red

  square is paved with over 5 million red bricks

  smaller than mahjong tiles.

  Lawns in the park are dotted with 100 well-known

  sculptures, among them the Statue of Liberty, the

  Little Mermaid from Copenhagan, Michelangelo's David

  and the Venus de Milo.

  The park also has a fountain operated by laser

  beams, a plant maze and a fairyland in which

  children and adults alike can enjoy themselves.

  Regular international parades of folklore are

  planned to provide the tourist with a chance to view

  folk customs from different countries.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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