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The Confucius Temple and Guozijian (the Imperial College)in Beijing

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  The Confucius Temple and Guozijian (the

  Imperial College)in Beijing were first build in the

  Yuan Dynasty, and followed the ancient architectural

  rules temple on the left and school on the right,

  which served respectively as the place to worship

  and enshrine Confucius by the emperors and the

  highest imperial college. The two building complexes

  were respectively constructed along its central

  axial line, in the traditional Chinese architectural

  format of symmetry, and formed a complete set of

  magnificent and grand ancient building complex. The

  Dacheng Hall, the main architecture of the Confucius

  Temple, is as magnificent and splendid as the Taihe

  Hall in the Forbidden City. The stone tablets

  bearing the names of 51,624 scholars from all over

  China who passed the triennial imperial examinations

  tell the history of China’s imperial examination

  system. The 13 sutra tablet forest, with 189 tablets

  inscribed with the Confucian classics, carries on

  the essence of the Chinese culture. The Biyong Hall

  inside the Imperial College has a unique style, and

  it was the place where Emperor Qianlong gave

  lectures to the scholars, and the halls and rooms

  still manifest the features and styles of the

  imperial college at that time.

  Strolling among the ancient pines and cypresses and

  hearing the ancient music, visitors could feel the

  history and rich culture, trace the moving stories

  about the scholars and have an experience of the

  ancient imperial architecture, and enjoy tranquility

  in the bustling metropolis. A trip to the temple is



Editor : Zhu Jia

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