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Jiufeng National Forest Park

Updated:2008-06-06 10:03 | Source:

  Jiufeng National Forest Park is located in Bei’anhe, Haidian District, about 18 kilometers from the Summer Palace. Jiufeng Peak has a long history and used to be one of the 72 barracks of the Liao Dynasty. The two peaks look like a soaring vulture, so it was named Jiufeng Peak.

  Jiufeng Peak not only attracts visitors with its winding and primitive paths, zigzagging ancient paths leading to the peak and its imposing and stunning scenery, but also is well-known in Beijing for its natural landscapes rich in foliage resources, and has therefore become the best place to climb up for a good view in the Xiaoxishan scenic area.

  Jiufeng Forest Park, occupying an area of more than 830 hectares, is known as a treasure of plants. On the mountains, there are endless pine forests, and the forest coverage is as high as 90%. Moreover, the park is the natural bank of plants. In spring, flowers are everywhere on the mountains, and floral scent spreads far away from the park. In summer, thick forests shade the ground and it is cool and refreshing in the forest. In autumn, the forests turn red and yellow, and ripe fruits are everywhere. And in winter, the mountains above 700 meters are enveloped with snow, forming a wonderland of snow and ice, and on the mountains below 700 meters, the pine and cypress forests are still green and vibrant. With thick forests, this is a paradise for visitors for leisure, hiking and enjoyment.

  Jiufeng Peak has numerous imposing and steep peaks and many zigzagging valleys. There are also many ancient sites listed by Haidian District Bureau of Cultural Heritage as key historic sites under district protection, including the Jiufeng Villa constructed in the Liao Dynasty, the Xiufeng Temple constructed in the sixth year of Emperor Zhengde of the Ming Dynasty, the Xiangtang Temple constructed in the ninth year of Emperor Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty, and China’s first seismological station built in the 1930¡¬.

  After the visit to Jiufeng, visitors can go to the reception center in the park for accommodation, catering and entertainment. In addition, the park was named by Beijing municipal government in 1998 one of the first popular science education bases of Beijing. The park has developed its unique ecological tourist pattern integrating popular science education, summer camps, fitness, leisure, conference and vacationing.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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