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Jinhai Lake

Updated:2008-06-06 10:03 | Source:

  It is located in the Jinhai Lake Town in the east part of Pinggu District of Beijing, about 85 kilometers away from the Beijing Second Ring Road. Route: Go along the airport expressway to Shunping Road, or go from Jingshun Road to Shunping Road to arrive at the scenic spot. It includes Haizi Reservoir and 27 square kilometers in the peripheral area. Haizi Reservoir was first built in the early 1959, rebuilt in 1968 and expanded in 1974, so that a beautiful high gorge man-made lake was formed. There are almost 6.6 square kilometers of water surface, with 120 million cubic meters of total capacity.

  Getting its name as it is to the south of the Grand Gold Mount (famous for producing gold), Jinhai Lake is a recreational scenic spot including sight-seeing and lakeside vacationing. In 1985, it was opened to the society. Jinhai Lake has beautiful sceneries, with green leaves all year long and flowers in three seasons, providing good environment for sight-seeing and vacationing. Wide and clear water, steep cliffs, dotted with pavilions and houses, compose a beautiful picture. After Jinhai Lake is opened to the society, more than 30 kinds of amusement projects including yacht, speed boat, self-driving boat, flying umbrella above water, pedalo, rowing boat, prompt drop, large-scale water slide, dragon boat, banana boat, rubber boat, scull, and beetles racing car, etc. The Jinhai Lake Kite Festival and Dragon Boat Contest held each year adds color to the travel of Jinhai Lake, and has attracted many tourists. The main sights include: dragon lying on the water, golden sea, long-range view of Heng Mount, fisherman singing at dusk, beautiful scenes on Lanyu, remnant charm of golden flowers, aigrette on water, sunset at camel peak. The eight sights are all characterized, attracting tourists to linger around.

  Long-range view of the Heng Mount: It is the top one sight of north Pan Mountains. Heng Mount stretches from south to north, like a dragon diving into the lake. There are numerous rocks and caves on the mount. More marvelous is the steep cliffs at the north end of Heng Mount where huge waves are roaring and patting at the bank; In the west side, the slopes are not so steep, where pines and cypresses grow exuberant. In ancient times, two Taoists named Dong and Ge were making pills of immortality and cultivating vital energy here. There are two huge footprints about 10 meters in length and two meters in width. It is said the footsteps were left by God Erlang during his visit here.

  Beautiful scenes on Lanyu: There are towering pine trees, and piles of clouds and fogs. Huguang Tower is standing on the top of Lanyu Mount, resplendent and magnificent, straightly cutting into the sky. 30.3 meters in height, the tower is in the shape of eight-corner, with single eave and seven stories, 72 steps, 168 decorations of animal heads. There is one wind bells on the eight corners of each storey, so altogether 56 wind bells. When gentle breeze sweeps through, the bells ring and one would feel like in a musical heaven.

  Sunset at camel peak: It is said that on July 28, 1679 (the 18th year of the Emperor Kangxi) when a group of camels passed here, the earth cracked and only one camel escaped. It fell on the top of this mount, whose legs were clamped by the stone apertures, thus the camel peak was formed. When the afterglow shines upon the camel peak at each sunset, one would be charmed by its grotesque shape and gaudy colors.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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