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Hope Park

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  Xinshiyuan featured food + graceful dance from Ukraine

  Coming from the Kingdom of Belle and Dance, along with rich European characteristic from the Black Sea, elegance and romance from the silver birch woods, Dream Stars Ensemble from Ukraine cooperates with Xinshiyuan and takes you to the Russian-Ukrainian folk arts with their wild and passionate performances.

  Dream Stars highlights the soul of traditional Ukrainian dances and integrates the popular elements of modern European dances and cadenzas of classical dances in its costumes, choreography and music design to create the perfect performance of magnificence and fashion, beauty and passion. With their splendid dance, the blond and handsome boys will bring satisfaction and enjoyment to the guests coming to Xinshiyuan Holiday Resort.

  List of plays:

  1. Flaming Rose

  2. Passionate Alaska

  3. Mysterious Oriental Girl

  4. Spanish Bullfight Dance

  5. White Elf

  6. Carnival

  7. Perfume and Lily

  8. Katyusha

  Date: 18:30 from every Tuesday to Saturday since June 20th, 2006. 90 minutes per play.

  Site: Xinshiyuan Holiday Resort (Western China Town Restaurant, lakeside food stall and Shiyuan Yushu Plaza), Hope Park, Badachu Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing. ]

  Please call 010¨C88703623 or visit our website for details.

  Xinshiyuan Holiday Resort---your choice for recreation and amusement

  Featured lakeside food stall----offering hundreds featured snacks in a fresh and elegant environment.

  Fishing Garden----various kinds of fishes are waiting for your, such asTilapia. Crucian,grass carp, herring,bream,catfish

  Guest rooms----European style, elegant and deluxe, fit for groups.

  Sauna----pure Russian style. You may enjoy catering, amusement, body fitting and massage without leaving the room.

  Tennis court----RMB 20/hour. Open for 24 hours.

  Golf training course----good choice for golf beginners.

  Beijing Xinshiyuan Holiday Resort Co., Ltd. operates catering, accommodation, recreation, body building and park. Located in Badachu Scenic Area at the foot of the West Mountain in Shijingshan District, Beijing, is neighbors the Fragrant Hill in the north, Fahai Temple and Badachu Hi-tech Zone in the west, modern Shijingshan Amusement Park and International Sculpture Park in the south, and lies beside the West 5th Ring Road in the east. It is a multi-functional comprehensive holiday resort with its Western China Town Restaurant, Shiyuanyushu guest rooms and Hope Park.

  Western China Town Restaurant: being capable to house 600 persons at one time, this middle-high grade restaurant majors in Guangdong food and sea foods, and also provides Hunan, Huaiyang and Sichuan foods. It has over 30 middle and small deluxe dinning rooms in elegant decoration and different styles. The central hall is a good place for wedding ceremonies and parties.

  Shiyuanyushu guest rooms: it is a villa-styled two-floor individual building with over 60 deluxe suites, deluxe standard rooms, and standard rooms. The holiday resort is complete in function and offers quality service with its high-class recreational facilities such as the Water Paradise, fishing garden, villa banquet hall, KTV, business center, table tennis room, chess and card room, outdoor tennis court, and more. Also in the resort there are middle and small meeting rooms housing 20-80 persons respectively.

  Hope Park: this beautiful park is a third-level park in Beijing, and AA tourist attraction.

  Notice in the Park

  1. Open hours: 6:00¨C20:00 in summer; 6:00¨C18:00 in winter. Tickets are not available half hour prior to the closing time.

  2. Please buy a ticket before entering to the park. Ticket price is RMB 1 each. Yearly tickets are sold at the price EMB 80 each in the first half of the year and RMB 40 each in the second half of the year. Tourists may buy the yearly tickets at anytime by providing a photo at one inch of their own.

  3. Retired and senior people may enter the park free of charge by presenting their certificates. Children less than 1.2 meters in height may enter free but should be with adults.

  4. Please obey the regulations in the park, and follow staff instructions. Offenders shall bear all responsibilities of any accidents resulted from the violation.

  For tourists’ safety and the sanitation in the park, vehicles, pets and animals are not allowed in the park. Offenders will be fined.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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