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Fenghuangling Natural Scenic Park

Updated:2008-06-06 10:03 | Source:

  Fenghuangling natural scenic park, located at Sujiatuo Township in Haidian District, is known for its natural scenes and attractions green mountains and crystal water, blue sky and white cloud, and various flowers and trees, forming a sound ecological environment. The water at the park is of high quality, the air is five times fresher and purer, and the content of negative oxygen ion in the air is 150 times higher than that in urban areas. The average temperature in summer is 3-4 degrees centigrade lower than that in urban areas, and the relative humidity is 65%. The scenic area is nicknamed the small Mount Huangshan in western Beijing.

  The area has rich cultural landscapes. There are many ruins of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and the ancient Oriental health keeping culture. These ruins, together with the natural landscapes, jointly form more than 40 tourist attractions on the northern, middle and southern tourist routes. The northern tourist route, with convenient transport and many attraction sites, is a perfect blending of mountains and water, and is known for its ancient, astonishing, weird, beautiful and tranquil features. The middle route is featured with its complete complex of oriental health keeping and cultivating culture. There is the famous Buddhism-Taoism temple in western Beijing the Longquan Temple. The Immortal Cave, the Three Buddhas Cave, the Xuanyuan Cave and the Cultivating Chair together form the largest and most complete ancient health keeping and cultivating complex ever discovered. The southern route is a good choice for religious, archaeological, exploring and venturing activities.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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