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Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park

Updated:2008-06-06 10:03 | Source:

  Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park, located in the West Mountain scenic area of Beijing, occupies an area of more than 330,000 square meters. Here in the park, the scenery is beautiful and elegant. Among the lush pines and cypresses and vibrant lawn, the Gothic Cinderella Castle, the Arabic-style restaurant, the European-style blue bridge and the Russian-style gate add exotic atmosphere to the park. Huge amusement facilities as the launch tower, the roller coaster, gorge rafting and rocket-style bungee jumping entertain every visitor and bring much joy and enjoyment to the visitors.

  In the eastern part of the park, there are facilities for such sports events as rally cars, formula cars, desert race cars and various imported small racing cars. Walking over the bridge, a modern building unfolds in front you the 4D Flying, the large theme entertainment project which is the first class in the world and the largest in Asia. It takes you to fly and to experience the effects of flying, crossing the canyon, experiencing the winds and rains and fog, bringing you thriller experiences.

  In the western part of the park, a colorful and fun recreation and entertainment garden is ready to serve all visitors. The roller coaster brings much thrilling experiences to visitors by hoverng and diving; the Ferris wheels helps unfold a picture of the modern metropolis; the waving chair brings an experience of the high sea. In addition, there are also recreation facilities much loved by the children, such as Star War, magic mirror labyrinth, bumper cars, magic castle and the royal merry-go-around. The facilities as warrior turnplate, the octopus, the Harry’s adventure, the rotating plate, the love express and the super swing are all in the family of rotating recreation items. The UFO bicycle, the flier and rocket bungee are the activities for the brave hearts. The facilities as crazy mouse, the Jones’ adventure and the snail-climbing recreation activities are either thrilling or fun. The Shenzhou roller coaster located in the southwestern part of the park is the longest suspension roller coaster in Asia. In the roller coaster facilities, the cars and the bearing facilities are all suspended outside the closed tracks, giving a thrilling experience that visitors might have never experienced.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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