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Beijing Chaoyang Park

Updated:2008-06-06 10:03 | Source:

  Beijing Chaoyang Park is a key project according to the General Plan for Beijing City approved by the State Council, located premium location in the middle of Chaoyang District of Beijing, and occupies an area of 320 hectares from Liangmahe Road in the North to South Road of Chaoyang Park in the South, from the east section of Fourth

  Ring to Chaoyang Park road. It is 2.8 kilometers in long from the south end to the north end, and 1.5 kilometers in wide. As the largest planed City Park in Beijing, its lake area reaches to 67 hectares, and the green land occupies 75 percent. It is the largest one than any other built parks in Beijing, started to build in 1984.

  In the past years, Chaoyang Park has been paid highly attention by the Party Central Committee and both the city of Beijing and the Chaoyang district. President Jiang Zemin and other leaders planted trees at the park in 1992 and 1996. Jiang Zemin made epigraph for Chaoyang Park in person in December 1999. With great efforts of all circles, the Park has a greatly development. Now, built areas occupy 72 hectareas. The three basic functional sections in the south half of the Park are formed, namely the south restaurant area based on the Cultural Plaza with Bars; amusement area based on Fang Zhou Lake ( including Brave’s Heaven, Ou Lu Feng Yun), and the visiting area at the east based on Ceng Lin Hao Miao. Built green land of QianMu can prove environment of Beijing and strengthen the awareness of environment protection.

  Being an advantageous geographical position and fine scenery, Chaoyang Park neighbors Embassy area and CBD. The site location is fully accessible to road systems and city engineering infrastructures networks. As a large modern type multi-functional park of entertainment, Chaoyang Park feathers with the function of oversea sightseeing and culture industrial district, combining with the gardens, architecture style, entertainments, culture, science, sports and educations,which mostly learned from the foreign countries.

  The construction of the park will be based upon the General Plan under the chance of entering WTO to bring into the superiority of Beijing’s CBD and the services of CBD’s completes. With the development and the management of the items of real estate and trip culture industry, it plays the key role functions of trip industries including trip, commercial stay, cultural exchange, sportbreak, comprehensive entertainments. Making it to be such a city park, it will get together the worldwide culture information in one body which presents age, intelligence, environment and multi-functions. It will be a symbol of the environment and culture of Beijing.

  We would welcome overseas investment to join us in the development of our park project. Investment of tourist and leisure industry in this location will prove to be the best decision.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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