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Hongluo Temple

Updated:2008-06-06 09:59 | Source:

  The 1,000 year old Hongluo Temple is located

  in Huairou District 4 kilometers north of the city.

  It has a total scenic area of 800 hectares. The

  Hongluo Temple Tourist Resort is a national 4A-rank

  scenic spot. Lying in Hongluo Mountain, Hongluo

  Temple is known as the Pure Land Buddhist Kingdom

  free from worldly vulgarity. It has a historic and

  cultural tradition. It’s very attracting in

  geography and climate.

  HongluoTemplewas first built in 338 A.D., (during

  the 4th year of the reign of Emperor Xiankang in

  Eastern Jin Dynasty). It is the largest Buddhist

  monastery and pure land Buddhist kingdom in northern

  China. For the past 1,000 years, it has been a

  sacred site for Buddhists. Many famous Buddhist

  monks have close ties with the temple, including the

  Great Masters Jiti and Yinguang, respectively the

  12th and 13th generation (the last two generations)

  of Pure Land Sect in our country. As the famous

  saying goes, there is Putuo Temple in the South and

  Hongluo temple in the North.

  HongluoTemple leans against the grand Hongluo

  Mountain in the north, and overlooks the graceful

  Hongluo Lake in the south. With immense forests and

  tall ancient trees around, the temple has become a

  place of good geomantic omen in the area. As a

  natural protective screen, the grand Hongluo

  Mountain provides this area with a moist climate and

  favorable ecological environment. There are three

  scenic spots dotting around the temple. They are the

  "Imperial Bamboo Forest", "Gingkoes in Pairs "and

  "Pines entangled with Chinese wisteria". Hongluo

  temple is in an ocean of bamboos and pines. The

  miraculous power drawing from mountains and lakes

  produces a Buddhist garden in a brilliant and unique

  location and a wonderful natural environment. With a

  scenic pattern consisting of three Buddhist Culture

  districts (Hongluo Temple, Guanyin Temple and the

  Garden of the 500 Arhats) and two natural scenic

  spots (Hongluo Mountain and Qinglong Mountain), the

  Hongluo Temple Tourist Resort provides such theme

  tours as flower tours in spring, summer resort

  tours, golden leaves tours in autumn and three

  winter friends (pines, bamboos and plums) tours.

  Hongluo Temple Tourist Resort will greet you with

  its cultural profundity, wonderful surroundings and

  quality service.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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