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Dajue Temple

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  1. From early to mid April: Dajue Magnolia

  Festival focusing on the ancient magnolias in Dajue

  Temple. It is the first choice for Beijing people to

  have an outing in spring. During the festival,

  flower and tea appreciation, tea-making performance,

  magnolia banquet and other activities meeting market

  requirements are available.

  2. From late September to mid November: West

  Mountain Ginkgo Festival themed attention to

  affection, care for the aged with the thousand-year

  -old ginkgo trees as carrier. During the festival,

  tourists may visit the Exhibitions of Ginkgo

  Culture, Ginkgo Miniascape, photography and others,

  or attend the West Mountain Fortune Tie, i.e., tie

  the golden fortune belt representing your love and

  blessing to your beloved on the ginkgo trees.

  DajueTempleis a featured imperial temple. Tourists

  not only pay a visit and worship the Buddha, but

  also accommodate, have dinner, conference,

  appreciate tea and enjoy the tea culture



Editor : Zhu Jia

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