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Confucian Temple

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  1.The jinshi tablets: These are housed in the

  Dacheng Gate of the Confucian Temple and the Gate of

  the Great Teacher. The 198 tablets are inscribed

  with the names of jinshi, or successful candidates

  in the highest imperial examination. 3 of them date

  from the Yuan Dynasty, 77 from the Ming Dynasty and

  118 from the Qing Dynasty.

  2. The Dacheng Hall: With red walls and yellow

  tiles, this magnificent hall houses the memorial

  tablet of Confucius, to whom emperors would offer

  sacrifices. The ritual vessels, musical instruments,

  and plaques inscribed by emperors all date back to

  the Qing Dynasty. Similar relics are rarely found


  3. The Traitor-striking Cypress: This cypress, which

  is over 700 years old, grows to the west of the

  terrace of the Dacheng Hall. It is named after a

  legend. It is said that one day Yan Song, an evil

  prime minister during Emperor Jiajing’s reign in

  the Ming Dynasty, accompanied the emperor to the

  Confucian Temple for sacrifice. When he came under

  this cypress, a gust sprang up, and its branches

  struck off his hat. When they heard about this,

  people said that the tree was capable of telling the

  loyal from the traitorous.

  Address: No. 13, Guozijian Street, Dongcheng

  District, Beijing


Editor : Zhu Jia

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