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BOCOG Statement

Updated:2008-06-05 18:37 | Source:

  In the Beijing Olympics Volunteer Manual published by BOCOG, some mistakes were made in describing people with disabilities. This manual has been met by criticism from organizations of persons with disabilities, athletes with disabilities, and foreign and domestic friends. As such, BOCOG has decided to recall and rewrite this booklet.

  We would like to express our sincere apologies to those organizations, athletes with disabilities, and friends who were offended by our publication.

  We aim to actively promote the development of the well-being of persons with disabilities. We will continue to advance all preparatory work for the Games in order to host a high-level Olympics and Paralympics with distinguishing features.

  We appreciate all advice put forth to us from organizations, athletes with disabilities, and friends, so as to help us improve our services.

  Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad

Editor : LiuAnqi

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