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Olympic cheerleading team needs name and slogan

Updated:2008-06-05 18:37 | Source:

  (BEIJING, May 31) -- On Saturday afternoon, the cheerleading squad made up of volunteers to support the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics met up for training for the first time in the capital. In addition, the squad solicited an appropriate name and slogan for the team.

  During the training, the enthusiasm in the air was almost tangible, as the volunteers cheered, danced, and sang under the guidance of their leaders.

  Liu Jian of the BOCOG presented some information about the cheerleading team for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. He pointed out that as the Olympic Games was an important worldwide stadium for athletes, all eyes will be on Beijing.

  The cheerleaders are essential for the capital to host a high-quality Olympics with distinguishing features, Liu continued.

  About 455 volunteers from universities in Beijing and 130 community and organizational members were present at the conference, where trainers taught the cheerleaders about various skills involved in the work.

  But what's a squad without a proper name? Following the concepts of "civilization, warmth, and expertise," the volunteers decided to open up the forum to the public, asking for suggestions for a fitting name and slogan which would embody the welcoming atmosphere the cheerleading squad hopes to emit.

  The name and slogan should be catchy, moving, and have Chinese characteristics. No more than 8 Chinese characters should be used. Suggestions can be sent through regular mail services to: Beijing, Chaoyang District, Beitucheng Xi Road, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Graduate School of Micro-electronics, Building B, Room 403. Emails may be sent to LLD@BJYOUTH.NET for electronic submissions. The activity will close on June 25, 2008.

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