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Remarks in response to press questions

Updated:2008-06-05 18:37 | Source:

  Question: Recently there have been media reports that say some people with a disability are discontented with the content of the "Textbook for the Volunteers of the Beijing Paralympic Games." What is BOCOG's comment on this?

  Answer: We have taken notes of relevant reports. We appreciate the attention that people with a disability from around the world have given to the Beijing Paralympics as well as their constructive opinions, suggestions, and criticism, of certain content of the textbook concerned.

  The textbooks used in the Olympic and Paralympic training program were written by BOCOG's staff for the training and volunteer work and are aimed at offering better services to various client groups participating in the Olympics and Paralympics.

  There are some inappropriate descriptions of the psychological status of people with a disability. The writers have been asked to edit the relevant parts.

Editor : LiuAnqi

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