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Volunteers wanted in quake-torn areas

Updated:2008-06-05 18:37 | Source:

  (BEIJING, May 26) -- To push forward earthquake relief work, the Beijing Communist Youth League and the Beijing Volunteers Association jointly launched a volunteer relay program along with other relevant plans.

  This program calls for caring and professional volunteers to provide long-term service for earthquake affected areas and to help quake victims ride over the current obstacles, rebuild their homes and restore normal production and lifestyles. The Beijing Communist League and the Beijing Volunteers Association will recruit volunteers on an irregular basis to provide volunteer service to help reconstruct the quake-stricken areas or send volunteers to work in the medical, educational, agricultural, cultural and scientific fields in the quake-hit areas. Recruitment is open to everyone starting today.

  Those that wish to volunteer under this program may enroll at the website

  Enrollment conditions:

  1. Must be Beijing registered residents above 18 years old or those (also above 18) registered outside Beijing but that have worked in Beijing for more than two years;

  2. must volunteer to work for quake area reconstruction for more than 500 hours (no less than 100 hours a year);

  3. must specialize in a particular discipline or subject and have some social and life experience;

  4. must be helpful and be able to bear hardship with a strong sense of social responsibility and a spirit of devotion;

  5. must be healthy and adaptable to tough working environments;

  6. must have a sound knowledge of the quake area and good ability in self-protection and self-aid.

Editor : LiuAnqi

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