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Filming of 'Smile Wristbands' movie under way

Updated:2008-06-05 18:37 | Source:

  (BEIJING, May 8) – A public service film entitled "Smile Wristbands," which focuses on volunteerism, is being shot as preparations become more intense for the Beijing Olympics, which are just 92 days away.

  Sponsored by Beijing's volunteer and youth organizations, the film tells touching stories about ordinary Chinese who are offering voluntary services in preparation for the Olympics.

  "Smile Wristbands" will feature college students, foreign volunteers, people with a disability, the elderly, and young students as well as Chinese stars like Lin Yilun, Huo Siyan, Wang Luyao,who will be cast in roles as volunteers.

  Filming is expected to complete in May and the movie will begin airing in June. Producers plan to show the film across college campuses and communities to encourage more people to volunteer.

  At a launching ceremony at an Air China office on Thursday, young volunteers from the company and other organizations performed songs and dances to boost volunteerism for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

  The "smile wristbands," a symbol of volunteerism, were launched last year. Every set comes with five wristbands, one in each of the Olympic colors: red, representing obligation and willingness to help others; yellow, for civility and etiquette; black, for honesty, and credibility; blue, for willingness to learn for the sake of progress; and green, for participation in environmental protection. The unveiling of the wristbands led to a new surge in volunteer registration.

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