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By bus

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Travel into Shenyang by long-distance bus is relatively simple, though visitors should make sure that they use the correct station: there are currently four long-distance bus stations in the city, each of which offer their own mix of services and destinations. The General Long-distance Bus Station offers services to Beijing (8 hrs), Changchun (4 hrs), Dandong (3 hrs), Dalian (6 hrs), Harbin (7 hrs), Jilin (5 hrs) and Jinzhou (3 hrs), while the South Station has buses to Anshan (2 hrs) and Benxi (1 hr). During particularly busy times of the year such as festivals and holidays, seats book up so visitors should buy tickets in advance.

Routes to and from the city rely on the extensive network of highways and expressways, including National Road 101, National Road 102, National Road 202 and National Road 304 which run into the city center.

Main Long-Distance Bus Station (Shenyang Qiche Kuaisu Keyun Zhan)

Beijing - takes about 8 hours

Changchun - takes about 4 hours

Dandong - takes about 3 hours

Dalian - takes about 6 hours

Harbin - takes about 7 hours

Jilin - takes about 5 hours

Jinzhou - takes about 3 hours

South Long-Distance Bus Station

Anshan - takes about 2 hours

Benxi - takes about 1 hour

There are more than 3,000 city buses running on over 140 lines in Shenyang. Buses can reach almost every place in Shenhe District, Huanggu District, Tiexi District, Heping District and Dadong District. The ticket fare is 1 Yuan for big city buses without conductors; the ticket fare for mini-buses with conductors depends on the number of stops you have to take.

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