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By train

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  Two train stations service the city of Shenyang: the North Station and the South Station. The north train station handles the majority of the long-distance trains while the south train station handles most of the Dongbei (northeast) trains and does local service around the province. Some trains travel to both stations so be aware of which station you need to board your train. Some trains do go through both stations, but in general, visitors should check their departure station in advance.

  The north station provides services around Shenyang, and into major cities such as Beijing (8 hrs), Dalian (6 hrs), Dandong (5 hrs), Guangzhou (+30 hrs), Harbin (7 hrs), Jilin (6 hrs), Shanghai (about 30 hrs) and Tianjing (about 12 hrs). The South Station operates trains to Changchun (4 hrs), Dalian (5 hrs), Dandong (4 hrs), Harbin (7 hrs), Tumen (16 hrs), Baihe (9 hrs) and Beijing (9 hrs).

  The trains are busy during festivals and National Holidays, when visitors should be sure to buy tickets in advance through any of the city’s travel agencies.

  North Shenyang Railway Station (Shenyang Bei Zhan)

  Destination: Beijing, Dalian, Dandong, Guanzhou, Harbin, Jilin, Shanghai, Tianjin

  Add: 78 Beizhan Lu, Shenyang

  Inquiry Tel: 024- 6204-1168; 2252-0858; 2252-0878

  Bus routes: 203, 216, 502, 503,602

  South Shenyang Train Station (Shenyang Nan Zhan)

  Destinations: Beijing, Changchun, Dalian, Dandong, trains to northeast and provincial trains

  Add: the intersection of Shengli Beijing and Shengli Nanjie, Shenyang

  Inquiry: 024- 6206-2222; 2341-4391

  Bus routes: 203, 216, 327, 502, 602

  Commuting between train stations: 203, 216, 502, 602

Editor : Zhang Yun

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