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  Meteorite Mountain Park

  This park is the place to see meteorites. The heaviest one, which fell to earth about 1.9 billion years ago, weighs about 2,000,000 tons and is thought to be 4.5 billion years old, making it the oldest meteorite in the world.

  Shenyang West Lake

  The area of Shenyang West Lake is twice that of West Lake in Hangzhou. Islands, birds, lotuses, and clear lake water attract thousands of visitors annually.

  Shenyang Arboretum

  More than 1,700 kinds of plants, including azaleas and tulips, can be found in Shenyang Arboretum. Some of the flower exhibitions held every year in the garden are the tulip exhibition in May, the peony exhibition in June, and the lily exhibition in July. Shenyang Arboretum, an excellent place to enjoy the arrival of spring, is the site for the 2006 International Horticultural Exposition.

  Wulihe Park

  Wulihe Park is the biggest river-bank park in Shenyang. A music fountain, a man-made sand beach, a big plaza, and a birch woods create a feast for both eyes and body.

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