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Museum Travel

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  Liaoning Provincial Museum (Liaoning Sheng Bowuguan), Shiwei Road, #26, 86-24-22821903. A high-quality museum featuring many relics of China's past but fewer examples of modern art. Nonetheless, it is a great place to gain a perspective on China's long history. Northeast Museum is another name for Liaoning Provincial Museum. Tens of thousands of cultural relics are stored in the museum, creating a fascinating display of the history of Liaoning Province. Many of the items included in the collections are among the rarest in the world.

  9.18 Museum. September 18, 1935, northeast China was invaded and subsequently occupied by the Japanese. Shenyang was the epicenter of that invasion, so it is most appropriate that the museum for the 9.18 Incident, as it is known, is in Shenyang. The museum, as one would expect, depicts the incident from a Chinese perspective. It is not for the feint of heart because it unflinchingly displays the atrocities of war. The educational value of the experience is diminished by the lack of English signs and explanations.

  Museum of Zhang Xueliang Former Residence张氏帅府博物馆

  As its name implies, this museum memorializes Zhang Xueliang (1901-2001), a very famous patriot of the Anti-Japanese War. The house consists of a school room, garden, drawing room, and other areas erected in a mixture of Chinese, European and Japanese styles.

  Steam Engine Exhibition Center

  The Shenyang Steam Engine Exhibition Center is the first of its kind in China. Sixteen steam engines from America, Japan, Russia, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia and China are presented in this museum. It is a good place to learn about the history of steam engines all over the world.

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