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Zhang Xue Liang’s Mansion

Updated:2008-06-05 17:17 | Source:

  Hours: Tickets stop being sold at 4 pm

  Address: Chaoyang Jie and Nan Shun Cheng Lu

  ( 朝阳街和南顺城路 )

  Phone: (0) 24 2485 9966

  Admission Fee: Admission = 50 yuan

  Zhang Xue Liang is one of modern China’s most honored figures. He is something of a folk hero in Northeastern China. Born into a powerful warlord family at the end of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang grew to become the leader of the Northeastern China government, army general, founder of Northeastern University, and commander of the resistance against Japan. This mansion turned museum was Zhang Xue Liang’s home and office, as well as the headquarters of the of city government before the Japanese invasion.

  History buffs should enjoy the way in which the museum provides an interesting look at the development of northeastern China. Unfortunately, most of the signs have little or no English, so if you can’t read any Chinese you might be a bit bored.

  The museum has three main parts: The old Zhang residence, built in ancient Chinese style, a newer mansion (1930’s) built mimicking ancient Roman design, and another house for one of Zhang Xue Liang’s father’s wives. The buildings themselves are interesting, but the main focus of the museum is on Zhang Xue Liang’s life and accomplishments.

  If you enjoy history and can read a bit of Chinese, the museum is worth a visit. Those on the tourist circuit should be able to visit Middle Street, the Imperial Palace, and Zhang’s Mansion all in one day.

  Location: The Mansion is near Middle Street (中街) just two blocks south of the Imperial Palace. The main entrance is on nán shùn chéng lù (南顺城路). Look for a large statue of Zhang Xue Liang in military uniform. The following buses will take you there: 134, 237, 250, 330, 133, 168. There is another entrance on the east side of the museum on cháo yáng jiē (朝阳街). The following buses stop there:292, 294, 290, 222, 213, 296, 287, 257, 118, 132, 276, 117, 228, 环. The bus stop for both entrances is called dà nán mén (大南门). If you’re asking for directions or taking a taxi, the mansion is commonly known as “dà shuài fǔ”(大帅府).

Editor : Zhang Yun

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