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Imperial Palace

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  Hours: Open daily from 8:30am—5:30 pm. Ticket sales stop at 4:00 pm.

  Address: Just south of Middle Street on Shenyang Lu

  Admission Fee: Entry is 50 yuan/person.

  The palace was built in 1626 just after the Manchus came to power in northern China, choosing Shenyang (then called Shengjing) as their capital. For Shenyang, the capital status was short-lived however, as the Manchus moved the capital to Beijing in 1644 and there founded the Qing Dynasty. For the next 266 years Shenyang was known as a "secondary capital" for the Qing.

  Nowadays, the Imperial Palace is a museum and one of Shenyang’s top tourist sites. The buildings are very well preserved, and it’s not nearly as crowded as Beijing’s Forbidden City. By planning your visit during the weekend, you may be lucky enough to witness a performance of a mock imperial procession.

  Supposedly the palace was modeled after it’s counterpart in Beijing, but on a smaller scale. If you look closely however, you will find that the buildings’ decor is different, as it was built by Manchus. The Manchus favored greens and blues as their royal colors, and most buildings are adorned with Manchu writing.

  For tourists in Shenyang the Imperial Palace is well worth a visit. Most of those who live in Shenyang have been here at least once. Outside the museum there are plenty of souvenir shops selling artwork and antiques of questionable authenticity. Be sure to bargain the prices down, as it’s an ideal area for purchasing gifts for friends back home.

  Outside the entrance an English-speaking tour guide can be hired for 100 yuan, or hire a Chinese-speaking guide for 50 if you are up to the task.

  How to get there: The Imperial Palace is just south of Middle Street (中街, zhōng jiē) on Shenyang Lu (沈阳路) between xī shūn chéng jié (西顺城街) and dōng shūn chéng jié(东顺城街).

  Useful Bus Routes:

  290,292 from North Train Station

  222 from San Hao Jie

  213 from Beiling Park

  117 from Taiyuan Street, WuAi Market, Fangxing Guangchang

  132 from DaDong District (大东区)

  257 from Tiexi Carrefour

  287 from WuAi Market

  296 from Ma Lu Wan

  294 from Hui Gong Square

  228 from Government Square

  215 from Liaoning University

  环路from Heping Square, Nanhu Park, San Hao Street, Exhibition Center, Shoe City, Zhong Shan Square, Taiyuan Street, South Train Station

  Other buses:

  118, 276

Editor : Zhang Yun

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