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large shopping centers and supermarkets

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Shenyang Pakson Shopping Center

It mainly deals with high grade goods, such as cosmetics, clothing, etc. There are also supermarkets and dining centers here.

Address: No.99, Changjiang Jie, Huanggu District

Charter Shopping Center

This is a slap-up shopping center specializing in the sale of brand-named goods.

Address: Shifu Plaza

Wal-Mart Super Center

Pengli branch: No.8, Xiaodong Lu, Dadong District

Taiyuan Jie branch: No.9, Zhonghua Lu, Heping District


Address: No.39, Beizhan Yi Lu, Shenhe District

Bus route: No. 105、203、216、224、227、228、229、230、244、328、338、503、605、609 and 611 buses.

Home Club

Address: northwest of the junction of Jianshe Lu and Baogong Jie, Tiexi District

Opening hour: 09:00-21:00

Bus route: No. 604、103、242、239、204、295 and 2

Editor : Zhang Yun

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