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Bowling (保龄球)

Updated:2008-06-05 16:08 | Source:

  Happy Family (兴隆大家庭 xīng lóng dà jiā ting)

  Happy Family is a large shopping mall near the center of Middle Street (中街). The bowling alley is on the top floor and is open until 9 pm. Bowling is 10 yuan per game.

  Jin Du Bowling Alley (金都保龄球馆 jīn dū bǎo líng qiú guǎn)

  Located in Heping District on Nan wu Ma lu (南五马路), near the south end of Taiyuan Street and a few blocks west of Heping Square. Ask a taxi driver for Jin Du Hotel (金都饭店 jīn dū fàn diàn)—the bowling is the building next door, down stairs. They close at 11:00pm. Bowling is 10 per game before 7:00, and 15 after 7:00. Shoe rental is 3 yuan.

Editor : Zhang Yun

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