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Yansai Lake

Updated:2008-06-05 14:59 | Source:

  Three and a half kilometers northwest of Shanhaiguan, Yansai Lake (Yansai hu), also known as Stone River Reservoir (Shihe shuiku), is now a scenic area that is not too popular but a pretty area where you can boat and fish.

  This sight is newly developed and has a fairly balanced eco-system, quiet and well-maintained, in parts. It is unfortunately considered similar to the scenery of Guilin, so recent tourist infrastructure could soon ruin the lakes simple charm.

  How to get there: Take bus No.25 from the South Gate, or take bus No.34 from the Railway Station and get off at Wuli tai, then take a minibus to the lake area.

  Opening Hours: Daily; 08:00-18:00.

  Costs: RMB30 (excludes the cable car fee)

Editor : Zhang Yun

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