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Old Dragon Head

Updated:2008-06-05 14:59 | Source:

  Five kilometers south of the city of Shanhaiguan, the Old Dragon Head (Laolongtou) in the very eastern end of the Great Wall (Changcheng), where it plunges into the sea. The sights name derives from a legendary stone-carved dragon head that used to face the sea. Unfortunately the original wall has long since crumbled away, and what stands today is a 1980s effort by the authorities to replicate the original. By the shore, the Changtai Tower, and the Temple to the Sea Goddess that sits in its center, was originally built in 1579, but is now covered with replica soldiers in Qing Dynasty costume.

  The Great Wall has a festival in June, with races up the wall, performances with actors dressed in Ming and Qing costume and various fireworks, whizzing into the air. This is easily the best time to come, although it is crowded.

  How to get there: Take bus No.34 or Bus No.25, getting off at Laolongtou zhan.

  Opening hours: Daily; 08:00-18:00

  Costs: RMB35 (May-Oct.); RMB25 for the other months.

Editor : Zhang Yun

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