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Address: 1/F, Lvse Shang Sha (Green Commercial Building), Minzu Lu, Haigang District

Jinyuan Supermarket

Address: No.150, Hebei Da Jie, Haigang District

Guangyuan Supermarket

Address: Sun Town (Taiyang Cheng) in Minzu Lu, Haigang District

Aixin Supermarket

Address: No.57, Yingbin Lu, Haigang District

Shitang Lu, Beidaihe Haibin

Chuanchang Lu, Shanhaiguan District

No.159, Haiyang Lu, Haigang District

Note: Apart from these supermarkets, there are Jiahui, Lilian Hualian and Baolongcang. These are all well-known large supermarkets in Qinhuangdao. Most of the department stores close as early as 18:30 and a few of them at 19:00.

Editor : Zhang Yun

Opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics