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Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market)

Updated:2008-06-05 08:48 | Source:

  Located at Tiantan Donglu, Chongwen District, Hongqiao Market is just opposite Tiantan Park. It is a well known market dealing with pearls around the

  world. More than 1,000,000 visitors come to Hongqiao Market to buy pearls yearly. Even the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been to

  Hongqiao Market three times as she was very impressed with the beautiful pearls. Apart from pearls, the market also offers seafood, digital products and


  Covering an area of 4,500 square meters (about 1.1 acres), the market has 8 floors as follows:

  -1--3/F Seafood: Seafood has played an important role since the establishment of the market. There are many varieties of seafood being sold in the market,

  ranging from the common fish, shrimp and crab to the rare ones like shark fin, sea pumpkin and abalone. Most of the seafood are mainly supplied to big hotels

  and restaurants in and around Beijing.

  1/F Digital Products & Watches: There are many internationally famous digital products sold here which makes this market of equal standing with Zhongguancun

  (the most famous digital market in Beijing). Apart from that, watches of different brands and different quality will certainly dazzle your eyes. They

  attracted merchants from Western Asia and as far as Africa.

  2/F Silk & Clothes: Silk symbolizes China since the ancient time and those products found in this market are of high quality.

  3-5/F Pearls: It is the largest pearl distribution centre in China and it is also the central part of the market. There are many varieties of pearls, such as

  colors, sizes or smoothness. With these comes the vast difference in their prices, ranging from just a few yuan to ten of thousands of yuan. There are

  seawater pearl, freshwater pearl, coral, emerald, gem and other precious stones. One can be easily dazzled by the fashionable pearl necklaces, exquisite

  pearl rings and simple but elegant pearl pendants. They are just absolutely fascinating.

  Location: No.46, Tiantan Dong Lu, Chongwen District

  Bus Route: 6, 34, 35, 36, 39, 41, 43, 60, 106, 116, 723, 743, 821 (get off at Fahuasi Stop)


Editor : Zhu Jia

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