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Tuckahoe Pie

Updated:2008-06-04 20:07 | Source:

  Chinese name: 茯苓夹饼(fū líng jiā bǐng)

  Tuckahoe Pie is another kind of royal dessert in Qing Dynasty

  (1644-1911) well liked by the locals. It is said that it is the

  favorite dessert of Queen Mother Ci Xi. The paper-thin skin of

  Tuckahoe Pie is made of starch and the stuffing is a mixture of

  honey, white sugar, Tuckahoe powder and kernels of all kinds.

  There are many workshops making Tuckahoe Pie and Daoxiangchun with

  a history over 60 years is the best of all. Chain shops selling it

  are scattered around the city.



Editor : Zhu Jia

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