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Chinese Festivals

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Experiencing a major Chinese festival in Hong Kong is an enchanting and mesmerising adventure.


Hong Kong's major traditional festivals are colourful and noisy affairs, at which thousands upon thousands of people turn out to join the celebrations. Fireworks, festive feasting, lion and dragon dancers, incense smoke, Chinese opera, mah jong, fortune-telling, carnivals and parades come together in a variety of combinations to create a uniquely festive atmosphere seen nowhere else in the world.


The festivals are among the best ways to experience the unique culture of this modern East-meets-West destination. There are festivals throughout the year that you are sure to enjoy.


Join a tour group to get the best seats in the house during any of the city's festivals.


Lunar Month


Lunar Dates

Western Dates






First Moon

Chinese New Year

Day 1

7 Feb

26 Jan


Birthday of Che Kung

Day 2

8 Feb

27 Jan


Spring Lantern Festival

Day 15

21 Feb

9 Feb

Third Moon

Ching Ming Festival


4 Apr

4 Apr


Birthday of Tin Hau

Day 23

28 Apr

18 Apr

Fourth Moon

Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Day 8

12 May

2 May


Birthday of Lord Buddha

Day 8

12 May

2 May


Birthday of Tam Kung

Day 8

12 May

2 May

Fifth Moon

Dragon Boat Festival

Day 5

8 Jun

28 May

Sixth Moon

Birthday of Kwan Tai

Day 24

26 Jul

14 Aug

Seventh Moon

Seven Sisters Festival

Day 7

7 Aug

26 Aug


Yue Laan (Hungry Ghost) Festival

Day 15

14 Aug

2 Sep

Eighth Moon

Mid-Autumn Festival

Day 15

14 Sep

3 Oct


Monkey God Festival

Day 16

15 Sep

4 Oct


Birthday of Confucius

Day 27

26 Sep

15 Oct

Ninth Moon

Chung Yeung Festival

Day 9

7 Oct

26 Oct

Eleventh Moon

Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice) Festival


21 Dec

22 Dec

# No lunar date. Follows Winter Solstice by 105 days.

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