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Fun Dining

Updated:2008-06-04 19:00 | Source:

Dim sum in animal shapes Why not? Hong Kong restaurants are far from lacking in imagination. Eat miniature bees, butterflies, rabbits and more at Kamboat Chinese Cuisine in Mong Kok and Super Star Seafood in Wan Chai.

assorted cakes


Watch the world, or at least Victoria Harbour, go round from your perch in Wan Chai's R66 Revolving Restaurant - a great place for Sunday brunch, complete with entertainment by a magician.

R66 Revolving Restaurant


Meanwhile manga and comic book fans will love to while away the hours at Juo Bear Comic Café in Causeway Bay.

Juo Bear Comic Café


And if you dare to be different, you may try Chinese delicacies such as shark's fin or bird's nest soup, drunken pigeon, fried chicken's feet or snake meat.

Editor : Qin Yongjing

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