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Bars, Clubs, Discos, Pubs

Updated:2008-06-04 19:00 | Source:

In downtown Hong Kong, you'll find the trendiest bars and clubs, including The Edge, which offers a good-sized dance floor; Carnegie's, where dancing on the bar counter is encouraged; The Wanch, where good amateur bands play full-on rock 'n' roll; Hardy's, where karaoke jamming is the rage; Club-Ing, which caters to swanky clientèle; and Club 97, which hosts local and international DJs.

Other famous watering holes are Klong, Insomnia, Dolce Vita, Joe Bananas, Delaney's pub, and the Bridge. Don't miss happy hour in Wan Chai, SoHo or Lan Kwai Fong!

Editor : Qin Yongjing

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