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Lan Kwai Fong

Updated:2008-06-04 19:00 | Source:

When the lights go down, the "in crowd" heads for Lan Kwai Fong, a buzzing centre of clubs, bars and restaurants. This cheerful warren of Western-style restaurants, nightclubs, delicatessens and bars is a must for night owls and people watchers. Lan Kwai Fong is an L-shaped, cobble-stoned lane surrounded by Central's cluster of skyscrapers. Nearby lanes are also buzzing with bistros and pubs in Hong Kong's trendiest nightlife area.

Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo on Hong Kong Island are the places to be for a night of fun and pleasure. Upmarket bistros, jazz clubs, bars and wonderful restaurants line the streets. This place has the most entertainment outlets than the other parts of Hong Kong. A pedestrian-friendly place, where young and trendy professionals gather for a drink and some fun.

Summer is approaching, reminding us that the annual summer extravaganza
“Lan Kwai Fong Beerfest – Beer & Food Festival” is coming to town. The biggest ever party, presented by the American Express, features food and beer from around the globe, live music and dance shows, drinking and eating competitions and cooking demonstrations, to name a few of the attractions.

The 5th Anniversary of Beerfest will heat up the streets of Lan Kwai Fong with numerous attractions. More than 55 food, beer and interactive booths will be just around the corner, offering not only international food from participating restaurants and selections of the finest beers and wines from around the world, but also the most exciting and interesting games to keep you entertained. This is guaranteed to be a great opportunity to sample everything Lan Kwai Fong has to offer at a very reasonable price.

What’s more, there will be three stages with over 120 interactive games and shows daily, live performances by singers and up-and-coming musicians, jazz bands and hip-hop dancers. The most popular Miss Beerfest Competition presented by Clarins will also be staged, finding the most adorable promotional girl from among all the beer brands. And the ClarinsMen Happy Shaving Game is expected to hear the shouts and screams from the ladies aside. International Rock Paper Scissors Tournament sponsored by Budweiser is another excitement that cannot be missed! The Grand Prize will be twin Beijing Olympic Package, whereby the winner will represent HK to take part in the IRPS Champion Final in Beijing. Other attractions include Drinking and Eating Challenge, various beer games, cooking demonstrations and more.

Editor : Qin Yongjing

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