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    Xujiahui is located in the southwestern part of Shanghai and is 600-years-old. People enjoy shopping in Xujiahui business center because it is convenient. A cluster of large shopping malls gather in a circular shape making it easy to get around. You can find almost everything here, from clothes to computer gadgets, catering for all budgets. It also offers quality dining, dancing, movies and gaming services. You can take Metro Line No.1 to get there at the Xujiahui Station.

    Grand Gateway Plaza

    Address: No.1, Hongqiao Road near Huashan Road

    Tel: 6407-0111

    Opening Hour: 10:00-22:00

    Grand Gateway Plaza is a big comprehensive shopping mall, including a department store, digital goods, supermarkets, restaurants and a cinema.

    On the B1 floor, you can find supermarkets, hair salons, sportswear stores and fast food. On the fourth floor, there is a Shanghai-style “old street,” with dozens of special stores on it. On sixth floor, you can buy digital products and watch movies.

    Brands in this mall are of top quality but affordable for most shoppers. It’s a symbol of Xujiahui that you shouldn’t miss.

    Traffic: Metro Line No.1 (Xujiahui Station)

    Oriental Department Store

    Address: No.8, Caoxi Road. N. near Hongqiao Road

    Tel: 64870000


    Opening Hour: 10:00-22:00

    This used to be a symbol of Xujiahui due to its relatively long-life and top-class goods. Its establishment in the early 1990s earmarked the beginning of Xujiahui’s prosperity. But as more and more shopping malls opened up around it, the store became less popular. However, it still claims to offer the best selection of gifts.

    Here you can buy food, cosmetics, bags, jewelry, watches, glasses, gifts, wines, cigars, clothes and home appliances, and one-third of all goods are imported. If you’re looking for something pricey and of good quality, shop here!

    Traffic: Metro Line No.1 (Xujiahui Station)

    Pacific Department Store, Xujiahui outlet

    Address: No.932, Hengshan Road near Huashan Road

    Tel: 6407-5970


    Opening Hour: 10:00-22:00

    Opened in 1997, this also is a big, wide-ranging department store. Goods here are similar to those found in other stores, but it’s more popular as it boasts such a comfortable shopping environment and frequently offers lots of discounts.

    Traffic: Metro Line No.1 (Xujiahui Station)

    Metro City

    Address: No.1111, Zhaojiabang Road near Tiaoyaoqiao Road

    Tel: 64268888


    Metro City is an exciting entertainment center. In the transparent huge ball, you can sing, enjoy international cuisines, watch movies, read books, exercise and buy digital goods.

    Set aside at least a whole day to spend here!

    Traffic: Metro Line No.1 (Xujiahui Station)

    Pacific Digital Plaza

    Address: No.1119, Zhaojiabang Road near Caoxi Road N.

    Tel: 54905900

    This is the most popular place for locals to buy their digital gadgets. You can find computers, digital cameras, DVDs and more: almost every digital product can be found.

    Be warned: the market is made up of different stalls and some may offer better deals than others and please watch out for fake imported goods.

    Traffic: Metro Line No.1 (Xujiahui Station)

    Huijin Department Store

    Address: No.1000, Zhaojiabang Road near Tianping Road

    Tel: 64269999

    Opening Hour: 10:00-22:00

    This store is great if you’re looking for clothes, bags and shoes. It does sell cosmetics, but not a very wide range.

    Some brands are sold at a lower price in the center of the first floor. Please carefully compare these prices with the discounts offered in other stores to ensure you get the best deal!

    It’s nice and handy for shoppers as the store’s linked by over-passes to both the opposite side of the street and a neighboring mall. It does make it pretty busy though!

    Traffic: Metro Line No.1 (Xujiahui Station)

    Xujiahui Subway Shopping Center

    This is a two-storey shopping center connected with Metro Line 1 (Xujiahui Station). The number of shoppers here has dwindled as more fashionable shopping places are built.

    Its shopping environment is not great and you may soon feel the urge for some fresh air.

    Clothes here are similar to other shopping places -- fashionable, colorful and suitable for young people. Cheap shoes are also a highlight here.


    Location: No.11 Caoxi Beilu

    Tel: 021-64268888-8207

Editor : Zhu Xinrui

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