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Parking in Hong Kong

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About 17,800 on-street parking spaces are provided where they do not obstruct traffic. Where there are limited spaces and a high demand, they are metered to deter prolonged parking. Most of the metered parking spaces are available from 8 am to midnight on weekdays, and from 10 am to 10 pm on Sundays and public holidays.


All metered parking spaces in Hong Kong are now operated with Octopus card parking meters.


Know more about parking time unit


To discourage long-term parking at on-street metered parking spaces. Electronic Parking Meters (EPMs) sell parking time in 15-minute unit (parking time unit). When a user buys additional parking time from an EPM, if the residual time of the lapsing parking-time unit is less than 13 minutes, such residual time is non-cumulative. i.e. the residual time of the lapsing parking-time unit will be superseded by just a full 15-minute parking time unit in the first re-purchase. (see diagram)




Using a 1-hour parking meter as an example, there are 4 parking time sections as follows:


Residual Time shown on parking meter

Lapsing time section

Time section retained

First purchase of new parking time (e.g. purchase of 15 minutes)

Total parking time

20 minutes



Jump to the end of B

A+B =30minutes

43 minutes



Jump to the end of next D

 A+B+C+D =60minutes

59 minutes



Jump to the end of D

(maximum time is 1- hour)

A+B+C+D =60minutes


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