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Beijing Huiyuan Apartment

Updated:2008-06-04 13:42 | Source:

  Beijing Huiyuan Apartment

  [located in Asian Games Village, Nearby the North fourth Ring Road.]

  Huiyuan International Apartment is located in the well-known Asian Games Village. It is composed of eight 14-25-storey buildings and offers a beautiful and tranquil environment. The large community ensures a convenient life for its residents - it includes office buildings, conference hall, stadium, big shopping center, various kind of restaurants and a famous recreation centre.

  The apartments boast 400 guestrooms, with layouts ranging from one-bedroom & one-living room to four bedrooms & two living rooms akk with diversified decoration styles and grades. Customers will enjoy the ideal residential atmosphere through the modern security monitor, satellite television, information network, communications facilities and video telephone.

  All room types are well furnished and equipped with home electric appliances. Internet access is available in all the rooms.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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