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MTR Tourist Products

Updated:2008-06-04 13:31 | Source:

To help you travel around Hong Kong, MTR offers a wide range of tourist products for your every need :

Urban Day Pass – The best choice for hanging around the city for shopping and dining

New Territories Day Pass – The best choice for leisure lovers to visit the historical spots of Hong Kong

Disneyland Resort Line Day Pass – Featuring the lovable Disney friends, it is a "must-have" souvenir for visitors to the magical kingdom of Hong Kong Disneyland

Cross-boundary Travel Package – Allows you to travel around Hong Kong and enjoy a round trip travel to Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau totally hassle-free

Airport Express Travel Pass – An ideal way to get around town, this pass allows you to travel not only to / from the Airport, but also within the city

Disneyland Resort Line Train

Editor : Qin Yongjing

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