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Tiantan Tiyu Hotel

Updated:2008-06-03 20:34 | Source:

  Tiantan Tiyu Hotel

  The Beijing Tiantan Tiyu Hotel is a tourist hotel affiliated with the service center of the General Administration of Sports of China and managed by the Beijing Eastravel Hotel Management Company. Located at No 10 Tiyuguan Road, in Chongwen District, the hotel enjoys a favorable environment and convenient access to transportation. It is about 4 kilometers from the city center and railway station. The hotel is adjacent to the Temple of Heaven, the General Administration of Sports of China, the heart of the Beijing Olympic Games, and the famous Hongqiao Market, and its location provides greater convenience for guests in their sightseeing, business activities and shopping. In addition to accommodation and catering services, the hotel also has such facilities as a beauty parlor, chess and game rooms, business center and shop, and provides services as ticket booking and luggage deposit. The Tiantan Tiyu Hotel is an ideal choice for your business trips, family travel, conference and leisure activities.

  Address:No.10,Tiyuguan Street,Chongwen District , ZIP:100061 , Telephone: 67113388

Editor : Zhu Jia

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