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Guang feng yuan Hotel

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  Guang feng yuan Hotel

  Our hotel is the subjection of Beking Railway Industrial Parent Company. The building is 6 floors with fine fitment, covers 4.2 thousand square meters with nearly 5.2 thousand m2 building area. Our hotel is an integrated hotel can provide both room and board, which is opened in the August, 2005. Our hotel offers 66 well appointed rooms and suites, including 3 apartments, 3 bigger double-person rooms, 57 standard rooms and 3 smaller standard rooms. In the room you can enjoy the direct dial , Telephone for whole country, the service of offering meal to room, booking tickets, Chinese medical massage, disable-men channels, toilet and 24-service hot water;Also you can use twomeeting and conference venues which can take in 100 and 40 persons, 2 dining halls and 16 small dining rooms with 360 seats, business center, commodity department, multifunction hall and two parking area.

  Our hotel is only 500 meters from the Fengtai Sports Center, 4 kilometers from the China 's Sino-Japan war memorial, from the Summer Palace and Xiangshan Park 10 kilometers, from Badachu Park 12 kilometers and from the World Park 6 kilometers.

  Bus Routes:309、309(支)、335、338、340、354、390、635、654、657、 702、715(晓月苑小区北-四惠桥建材市场)、736、739、740、744 (支)、748、804、840、905、913、917、917(支一、支二、支三、北 线、专一、专二、十渡、张坊)、937(支三)、946、958、959、967、 971、973、996、运通115

  Address: No.194, Fengtai Road, Fengtai District, Bejing , Telephone: 51377578 Email: , Fax: 63863368

Editor : Zhu Jia

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