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Beijing yanfeng Hotel

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  Beijing yanfeng Hotel

  The Beijing Yanfeng Hotel localed t No.36 Fengbei street Fengtai District, Beijing. It’s a tourist Hotel of foreign affairs. It get good tranfic; Jingshi High way is north to the Hotel. And also,the No.811;323;335;205 bus has stopstation at the gate of Yanfeng Hotel.The Hotel gives a distance of only miles away from Beijing west railway station–the biggest railway station of China. Yanfeng Hotel has 160 standard guest rooms;10 suites.Every room has good equipment, air-condition;24 hours warm-water service. We can recipt 350 guest Perday. There are 13 conference room with different style, the biggest one recipt 300persons to step in. The dishes of Yanfeng Hotel are very delicious. The main meal-style is Chuan ,Lu and Yue. You can have a classical chinese meal in Yanfeng Hotel. For the other service, ticket-booking, documents-dealing, Chess and Cards. Barber-shop and Business center.What you need for business we all have. When you go to Beijing, you may have a good trip and we’ll give you a chance to have a wonderful rest and sweet relax. “Service First” and “Guest First” Do you want to book a lovely room in our Hotel? If you decide just deal the Tele-number below this line.

  Tele:010-63813816 , Fax: 010-63813821

  Or write a letter to us: Add: FengBei street No. 36 FengTai District, Beijing CA: 100071

  Welcome to Beijing Yanfeng Hotel.

  Bus Routes:957支、937支、323快车、822、特7、323、946、937、205、944 支、739、958、604、836

  Address:No.36 fengtai north street, Fengtai district, Beijing , Telephone: 63816655 Email: , Fax: 63813821 , website:

Editor : Zhu Jia

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