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Tiannan Hotel

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  Tiannan Hotel

  Tian Nan Bin Guan brief introduction Tian Nan Hotel locates on the south of Yu Quan Street. The east side of the hotel connects with trade center which belongs to five business district. The north side lays institute of Beijing Technology University and National defense university. The south side is Beijing west train station. Our hotel is apart from Shi Jing Shan amusement park about 2KM. Slightly far from the southwest of our hotel is the world famous Lugou bridge. The transportation is very convenience. The service equipments of our hotel is well-founded, we have all style guest room 34 sets. All the guest room have television、, Telephone, the toilet equipments is well-founded, and we provide shower water and boiling water all the 24 hours. The fire-fight equipments is also well-founded. The guest room is spacious and comfortable, you will fill living convenience .Our dining room have all the party hall, and we provide the meeting meal and all the Chinese food. We also provide subsidiary services such as: all the meeting room, small shopping center, Beauty salon,baggage deposit, Sauna,The diagram text , Fax, local and international long-distance , Telephone call,and we can buy the train and airplane ticket or call the taxi for you . Our aim and slogan is : The guest is highest, serving the first. We are pleasure to provide Superior quality service to all the guests, Sincerely wish you can have a good journey in Beijing ,business will get success. Heartily wish you can stay at Tian Nan hotel, we will live you the most fine impression.

  Address:NO. 69, Yuquan south street, Shijingshan district, Beijing , Telephone: 68684447 Email: , Fax: 68681091

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