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Beijing Lotus Hostel

Updated:2008-06-03 20:34 | Source:

  Beijing Lotus Hostel BeijingLotus Hostel Our hostel is located in one of Beijing's exquisite traditional neighbourhoods known as hutongs. As Beijing grows and modernizes many hutongs are being destroyed. However, recently the government has designated certain hutongs to be protected and preserved as historical and cultural spaces. Our hostel is situated within one of these protected areas. Our particular neighbourhood was formed in the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) and has retained its original scale and structure through the Ming and Qing dynasties and up to the present.

  Established on the foundations of the original siheyuan (four-in-one courtyard houses), our hostel exemplifies authentic Beijing architecture. Beijing siheyuans embody the traditional Chinese concept of living. If you want to authentically experience the Chinese life style then staying at our hostel is your best bet.

  Our hostel is designed not only to be your home away from home, but also to allow you to touch Chinese culture in a meaningful way. Our furniture, decorations, and overall layout will truly immerse you in Chinese traditional culture. In our teahouse you can experience Chinese tea culture and in our cafe you can enjoy traditional Chinese food. We also provide a self-service kitchen in which you can enjoy the pleasure and convenience of cooking. We can arrange all kinds of outings to Beijing’s main tourist attractions as well as help you explore the Beijing that lies off the beaten track. Additionally, we organize some traditional Chinese activities such as Tai chi here at the hostel. If you stay with us you are guaranteed to genuinely experience the Chinese way of life.

  There are many types of rooms in our hostel in which to meet your needs. We offer deluxe double rooms, standard rooms (two single beds), single rooms (one single bed) and 4-bed or 6-bed dorm-style rooms. All our rooms are clean, comfortable, and reasonably priced.

  Our hostel enjoys a great location. Since we are situated inside Beijing’s second-ring road a great majority of Beijing’s most famous sites are easily accessible from our hostel. We provide bike rentals so that you can enjoy the hutongs and other Beijing attractions at your own pace. We are happy to supply you with a map with which to explore the traditional hutongs. From our front door it only takes ten minutes to walk to the nearest subway station, Xidan shopping centre, Shishahai, and Beihai Park. There are many restaurants and food stalls nearby which allow you to sample different styles of Chinese cuisine. In addition, many banks are conveniently located within walking distance of our hostel.

  From our hostel it is also very convenient for you to take the airport shuttle bus. It is only a fifteen-minute walk from our hostel to Xidan airport shuttle bus station so it is convenient for you to stay here and take the shuttle to the airport the next day. If you want to personally experience the authentic Beijing way of life, our hostel is your best choice. Everything is so convenient and we will make you feel at home!

  Bus Routes:22、823、47、409、626、726、826、105

  Address:No.29 Xisi Beiqitiao, Xicheng district, Beijing , Telephone: 66128341 Email: , Fax: 66129341 ,

Editor : Zhu Jia

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