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Chinese tea

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  Tea drinking may be the sign of a New Age lifestyle, but it has been synonymous with Chinese culture for thousands of years. Chinese people use a wide variety of teas to quench their thirst, to aid digestion, for health benefits and as an ingredient in many dishes. Chinese tea is a great, reasonably priced gift, especially when attractively wrapped in souvenir packaging. Hong Kong has a large variety of teas imported from different Chinese provinces and cities, such as Fujian's Ti-guan-yin tea , Hangzhou's Dragon Well tea and Yunnan's Pu-erh tea . A popular one from Taiwan is Don-ding Oolong tea . Chinese tea is readily available in Chinese department stores, supermarkets and teahouses.


  Tea-leaves are graded according to natural colour, aroma and lustre.

  Tea is available in a variety of forms including loose tea, cakes of tea, tea bricks or tea lumps.

  The HKTB Cultural Kaleidoscope programme offers free Chinese Tea Appreciation Classes every Thursday afternoon.

  Enquiry & Registration hotline: +852 2801 7177.

Editor : Qin Yongjing

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